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Cassin Media & Marketing is a marketing and video production agency based in Nashville, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia, helping clients of all sizes accomplish their branding goals.
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Tarter Farm & Ranch Equipment

Cassin’s unique campaigns have led to continuous sales growth for Tarter.

Proud to be Tarter’s premiere advertising and marketing agency, with innovative and versatile content that delivers a powerful message on multiple platforms.

Elite Dog Kennel TV Campaign
Tarter built a heavy duty dog kennel and wanted millions to know about it. We created the digital and tv ad campaign behind “America’s Strongest Kennel” with exceptional results.

Tarter Galvanized Steel Stock Tanks
Sales tripled after we launched our TV and Digital Campaigns for Tarter’s unique line of Galvanized Steel Stock Tanks.

CattleMaster Series 12
Tugging at the heart is a powerful tool when selling a product that offers the customer a value that is greater than the sum of its working parts.

Website Development

We built Tarter’s website from scratch. When a client manufactures more
than 900 products, the challenge is constructing a user friendly
experience. We delivered. Check it out at

2018 Spring Launch
Print Campaign
Still Photography